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Our Law Firm

Based in São Paulo and with a team of about 30 lawyers and 55 professionals, the firm is able to offer a personal, competitive and comprehensive legal service. Most clients of Campedelli e Marques come from Europe, North and South America. Due to this close relationship with those areas, the firm has stipulated best friendship agreements with law firms in the European, North and South American main cities and has just opened a rep. office in the city of Milan. Over the years, it has been recognized as a trusted partner by institutional entities, such as consulates and chambers of commerce.

Campedelli e Marques has consolidated its core business in two areas of legal services: i- M & A and startups – all the support related to the arrival of foreign companies in Brazil, from company formation and joint venture agreements to acquisition of participation in Brazilian companies; and ii- everyday legal support for the running of local companies – daily assistance by means of comprehensive legal services in the areas of litigation, corporate, commercial, labour, tax and contract law among others.

The main areas of practice of Campedelli e Marques

Corporate – Company formation; mergers and acquisitions; spin-offs, joint ventures, due diligences and participation in procedures in the Brazilian anti-trust body (CADE).
International – All the support related to activities of foreign companies in Brazil and Mercosur, starting from company formation; registry of the foreign investment at the Brazilian Central Bank; remittance of profits, technology transfer agreements; trademarks, patents, international technical assistance, import and export planning and all the visas procedures. Campedelli e Marques has also consolidated its role as general law firm for Latin America, when Europeans and North-Americans can concentrate their needs in Latin-America in one single local law firm

Litigation – Services related to all of the litigation activities, including civil, commercial, corporate, consumer, tax and labour law, in all levels, including superior courts, with coverage within all Brazilian States, as well as abroad.

Tax – Consulting services regarding federal, state and municipal taxation. Litigation on administrative and judicial levels.

Labour – Consulting assistance for human resources departments, drafting of legal opinions, litigation on judicial and administrative levels, including superior labour courts with coverage within all Brazilian States.

Contracts – Contracts related to the purchase of real estates and companies, distribution and agency agreements, franchising, shareholders, etc.

Our Team

Most of our legal staff has a very good level of English and we have a significant number of English fluent lawyers. Among those fluent members some have accumulate a consolidate experience with English spoken countries:

Andre Marcos Campedelli – Brazilian and Italian citizen, member of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB – Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil), São Paulo, since 1989; main practice in business law, specially corporate, contractual and civil liability law. Background: Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (Degree in 1988).Professor of corporate law in Postgraduation course at Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – COGEAE in São Paulo and various locations of Brazil. Graduated in administration: Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (Degree 1991).
Languages: Portuguese and English.
Email: campedelli@advcm.com.br

Eduardo Lorenzetti Marques – Brazilian and Italian citizen, member of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB – Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil), São Paulo, since 1990; main practice in international corporate law. Background: University of São Paulo (Degree 1989), holds a master’s degree in International Law by London School of Economics, University of London (L.L.M. 1994) and also holds a Ph.D degree in International Law at the University of São Paulo (Ph.D 2001). Attended courses, lectures and acted in negotiations in various foreign countries, in which are noteworthy Italy, Argentina, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. In this last country, he is registered as Portuguese lawyer in the Lisbon Bar. He has several publications abroad and in Brazil, including two books of his own. Member of the legal committee of the Brazilian British Chamber and Vice-President of the Foreign Investments Commission and vice-director of Commissions of the Union Internationale des Avocats.
Languages: Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish and French.
Email: emarques@advcm.com.br

José Ruben Marone – Brazilian citizen, member of the Brazilian Bar Association (0AB – Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil), São Paulo, since 1994; main practice in tax law. Background: Pontificia Universidade católica de São Paulo (degree in 1994). Postgraduation in tax law by Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (1997) and by Centro de Extensão Universitaria (1996). Has 14 publications about tax Law in Brazil and Argentina, as well as publications in several magazines specialized in tax and international Law. He is Honorary Consul of Botswana to the State of São Paulo.
Idiom: Portuguese, English and Spanish.
Email: marone@advcm.com.br